Control and reporting

Remote access to your wind turbine
Thanks to Internet technology, access to information about production, as well as about breakdowns and errors is possible via the Internet using only a web browser - both using a computer and other mobile devices.


Basic functions

The implemented software allows the following:

  • current view of weather conditions
  • view of current production and work of production components
  • wind turbine control
  • reporting of selected parameters in 10-minute intervals
  • view of counters and statistical data
  • wind rose creation
  • obtaining information (e-mail, SMS) regarding errors, stops or loss of communication with a wind turbine
  • creating a power curve graph with comparison to reference values
  • archiving production counter values and error lists
  • production forecasting up to 72h
  • assigning different scopes of permissions to individual users


System sytucture

Possibilities of WindPower system:

  • Wind farm view - a summary of the current status of all available wind turbines on one screen
  • Map - active view of all wind turbines marked on the map
  • Status - current view of the most important parameters of the selected wind turbine
  • Electricity - view of electrical values
  • Temperature - view of selected components temperatures (current, min. or max.)
  • History of production - tabular and numerical production charts for the selected period
  • Effectiveness analysis - comparison of windy parameters with production in a selected period
  • Power curve - a summary of the power curve from the average values on the background of reference values
  • 10-minute data - a list of selected parameters in 10-minute intervals
  • History of Errors - a full list of errors and warnings in a wind turbine
  • Control panel - depending on the type of wind turbine - full access to turbine control