Technical training

Knowledge and experience
Technical knowledge is a source of safety and saving. Every owner should know his wind turbine and be able to verify the quality and price of the service he pays for. It is also worth to precisely diagnose and name the problem that will appear during operation.
For a service technician, learning is a process that should never end. Higher qualifications are the way to your growing reputation and professional development.

Theoretical training

Know how

The intention of theoretical training is to prepare You to take action. Efficiency on the service requires the basics we teach during our courses:

  • wind turbine construction
  • rule of operation of selected components
  • software and communication rule
  • reading electric, hydraulic and DTR manuals
  • types of tools and their use
  • diagnosing system errors and warnings

Practical training

Learning by doing

The most effective method of learning is to participate in the service together with professional technicians. As part of practical activities we offer:

  • learning how to use control panels
  • running scheduled services
  • replacement of modules and components
  • on-site breakdown diagnostics
  • learning how to use tools, including hydraulic and measuring
  • ergonomics of operation (saving time and effort)