Preventive maintenance

Breakdown prevention
We provide comprehensive services as part of maintaining Your wind turbine's operation.

We carry out individual scheduled inspection procedures, based on manufacturers' recommendations and taking into account the specifics of a wind turbine (year of production, breakdowns, damages, quality of the power grid, repowering).

Our intention is not only to service Your wind turbine, but also to early diagnostics and prevention of areas where some breakdowns can occur in the foreseeable future.

Annual and semi-annual service

Main preventive operations

In accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations, based on our own experience and taking into account individual customer requirements, we carry out periodic preventive actions:

  • control systems tests
  • electrical measurements of components
  • laboratory tests of oils and greases
  • checking bolt connections
  • topping up lubricants level
  • replacing filters and consumables
  • inspections of electrical, hydraulic and mechanical components
  • measurements of replaceable elements (brushes, brakes)
  • dirt removal

Additional diagnostic activities

prevention and optimization

Depending on the needs, and / or at the request of the client, we perform specialized diagnostic activities:

  • gearbox borescopic tests
  • laser alignment
  • vibration tests
  • thermovision tests
  • rotor blade inspections