Technical audit

Independent opinion of the 3rd party
The current value of a wind turbine is not evidenced by its past, but by how much more it will be able to work effectively. It is also worth knowing if the expenses incurred by the owner regarding the maintenance of his wind turbine is a really good investment. A reliable report from the technical inspection is also an important tool for financial institutions or insurers.

Wind Turbine walkdown

Awareness and security

An efficient wind turbine is a set of systems which, acting together, give the effect of high production and long-term, uninterrupted operation.

Our team of qualified and experienced auditors rates and documents technical condition, e.g. the following areas of a wind turbine:

  • foundation and basement ( traforoom )
  • MV switchgear cabinet
  • Lifts and cranes
  • Tower and bolt connections
  • Ladders and safety systems
  • Control cabinets
  • HV, MV, LV cabling, signal, optical fiber etc.
  • converters, inverters, transformers
  • Yaw and pitch systems
  • Device security systems
  • cleanliness and esthetics

Inspection of selected areas

Awareness and security

Often, only specific areas of the turbine require in-depth analysis. At the client's request, we conduct the following inspection activities:

  • Gearbox borescopy
  • Laser Alignment
  • Vibration tests
  • Thermovision audits
  • Blade inspections