Operation restore
Any breakdown of wind turbine operation is a loss for the owner. Our task is not only to minimize these losses, but also to implement solutions that will avoid similar cases in the future. It consists of: precise diagnostics of breakdowns, professional repair, use of original spare parts and possible elimination of the risk of similar cases in the future.


Intervention service

SEW has experience in solving all kinds of problems manifested by interruptions in wind turbine operation, regardless of the reasons for their occurrence. We offer the following types of services:

  • software updates and changes
  • replacement of modules and components.
  • removal of overvoltage and short-circuit effects
  • repairs of individual components and complete systems
  • bolts replacement
  • replacing consumable parts
  • re-commissioning after main component breakdowns

Main components replacement

Large service projects

SEW has experience in large service projects related to the partial dismantling and use of cranes:

  • Gearboxes replacement
  • Generators replacement
  • Transformers replacement
  • Replacement of hub / main shaft